10 Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner fishermen here are some tips to get you started.
The world of fishing can be confusing for a newcomer. With all the terminology, lures, reels, rods and other equipment it can seem intimidating. Everyone needs a good jumping off point so here are ten tips to get newcomers started.

1) Look into things: And not just for tips about catching trophy fish. You have to see if you need a fishing license, you have to check the limits on how many fish you can catch, you need to know when the fishing season for each fish opens, and you’ll have to see if you’ve got any other limitations for your state or province. As for tips on catching fish there are lots of blogs and forums out there online.

2) Pick out the right equipment: You don’t want to buy equipment that’s above your skill level. When you go to purchase your equipment make sure you get someone to help you and be honest with them. Let the person know that this is your first time fishing and before you go in do some online research about good rods and reels for beginners.

3) Practice the basics: Before you hit the lake make sure that you know what you’re doing. Don’t take your brand new rod and reel out without knowing how to cast, tie on lures, hook up bait, change hooks, tie knots, or fix your line if it gets tangled. Make sure you can do all these things on dry land before attempting them on the water or you’ll only end up frustrated.

4) Find more fish: In order to catch fish you have to know where they are. Figure out where they like to spawn or their general behavior so you’ll have better success. For instance, bass like to hide in vegetation or under logs and will stay around five to fifteen feet deep while salmon don’t rely on cover and go for a comfortable water temperature.

5) Weather reports: Some of the best fishing is done on an overcast day when it’s not too hot or too cold. If the water is too hot (or the sun is too bright) fish will go deeper than normal to be comfortable in their environment.

6) Dress right: The best thing to do when going fishing is to wear layers. Depending on the season it could be cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon, get progressively colder during the day or get progressive warmer during the day. If you’re in layers you can adjust for the temperature especially if you’re staying out for long periods of time. A good idea is to wear tall boots since you might have to go wading into the water. Long hair should be tied back so it’s not in your face if the wind picks up.

7) Stay fueled: and not just your boat. Make sure you bring some snacks or a lunch if you know you’re going to be out fishing for a long time. You don’t want to have to pack up all your gear just to get lunch or a snack. If you are traveling a little while from home or know you’re going to be in a secluded area make sure your car and your boat have enough fuel to get you home and then some. You don’t want to have to row your boat in if you run out of fuel.

8 ) Bug spray: anyone who’s new to going near the water or into the bush doesn’t realize how many bugs are out there. Make sure you have some kind of protection either in the form of bug spray or protective clothing. In some areas black flies can get so bad that fishermen had to resort to netting over their faces, similar to a bee-keeper, so they could fish.

9) Baiting Game: Different fish prefer different baits so if you’re going after bass don’t use something like raw chicken liver that attracts catfish. A good all around lure is a jig but if you’re going after bass a top water lure or a rubber lure works best.

10) No distractions: If you’re going fishing for the first time then don’t bring anything that will distract you. Leave your children at home for the day (if you have kids), bring along your cell phone but keep the ringer and other noises off. Keep any distraction out of your boat or off the dock so you can concentrate on fishing.

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