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Homemade or store-bought?

Lures come in all different shapes in sizes, makes and colors. When it comes to choosing the right lure, there is a lot of choice out there. The best lures have a wiggling action, roll but do not turn over and perform well no matter what speed you pull them at. What kind of lures are the best, homemade or store bought?
Store bought lures have the advantage of being pre-tested. You know the lure is going to work when you buy it. You do not have to worry about re-making the lure body over again because it does not do what you want it to do. It has all ready gone through rigorous testing to be sure it does what the package says it will do.
But there is nothing like the feel of knowing something you created will catch fish just as well, or better than, anything on the shelves. The testing and the carving of it may be difficult, but the final result is a one-of-a-kind lure that no one else has. A lure that catches fish and was made by your own hands is just as effective as something bought from a store.
A homemade lure may not have the advantages of being pre-tested in a tank in front of fishing experts and the like, but it has the advantage of being completely different and possibly better then anything any of your fishing buddies will have.
Store-bought lures may look pretty and may have all ready been proven to work, but they always look the same. They all mainly have the same shape and overall design. Fish are used to seeing these lures and may shy away from something they have seen before, just with a different pattern or color combination. Looking through fishing magazines and fishing lure encyclopedia’s, you can see this simple fact: all store-bought lures look almost identical. Except for a minor change in the head shape or a lengthening of the body, they are all the same.
That is the homemade lures greatest advantage, they can look anyway you want them too. Homemade lures will not look like any lure you see one the shelves on a day to day basis. They will be unique to how you made them. They may not be professionally tested but they will still work.
So fishers, what type of lure do you prefer?

Boat fishing or Land fishing

Which is better?
Some fishermen and women do both, they will spend some of their annual fishing time on a boat and some on the land fishing from shore. But which is actually better?
With boat fishing, you are out in the middle of a body of water, so you have more opportunities to catch fish. You can easily change your location by starting up a motor and moving along the water to find a better spot where there may be more fish. There is a lot of storage room on a boat; you can pack the boat with all the things you need then be off instead of having to carry all your gear and supplies by hand.
Some downfalls include the extra money you spend on fueling your boat. Also the noise and vibrations of a moving boat may scare away the fish you are trying to catch. You have to watch the weather much more carefully because it takes time to get back to your vehicle, hitch up the boat and leave the area. Boat fishing also has the extra costs of actually maintaining your boat.
Land fishing is more convenient; you can pick up and walk along the shore at any time. The distance you can fish is limited by how far you cast so there are fewer opportunities to catch fish. The only fuel cost is the fuel for you vehicle to get where you want to fish. It is a bit inconvenient to have to carry all your gear but this means that you will not be rooting through bags upon bags of gear to search for the right lure.
With land fishing you just have to maintain your gear instead of a boat, the cost is much less and it is more convenient to gather gear, hop into a car and drive down to your favorite fishing spot and start fishing right way.
However you fish is up to you, there are tips and trick for both. Good things and bad things about either can sway your decision as well, but ultimately, it is up to you as the fisher. So, which do you prefer?

Tips to Organize your Tackle Box

There is no right or wrong way to organize your tackle bag or tackle box. It is completely dependant on you and your own personality. By following these tips, you will be on your way to an organized tackle box or bag and on your way to a better fishing trip.
1) Having a tackle box is great but some do not offer versatility in the way of sizes and types of lures. Tackle bags offer removable plastic utility boxes that can offer more room and you can chose not to take a utility box with you on a particular fishing trip.
2) Dedicate each utility box to a different type of fish and store them until you need them. This way you do not have to carry all your gear with you on one trip or spend a lot of time hunting through a full tackle box or bag to find the right lure.
3) Spinner baits take up a lot of room. A good way to save room is to use specialized pouches that resemble sandwich bags. Because of their small size and softness, these pouches can easily fit into the external pockets of your tackle bag. You can also us these specialized pouches to organize and store soft-plastic baits.
4) Some tackle boxes come with plastic dividers that can be moved to customize the inside o0f your tackle box. By using clear hockey tape, you can hold these dividers in place.
5) If your tackle box does not come with plastic dividers, do not fret, you do not have to buy a new tackle box. Clear plastic film containers can be used as dividers, you just have to trim them so they are the same depth as your tackle box. These containers will separate lures and can be used as storage containers for smaller equipment like splitshot.
6) More than one lure will fit into a compartment but the hooks will get tangled and jumbled as you know. To prevent this, use elastic bands to secure the hooks against the body of the lure. This will prevent tangling and you will be able to fit more lures in to the compartment.
7) You can also use smaller utility boxes to store your terminal tackle that can be stored in external pockets.
8 ) If you constantly fish in both saltwater and freshwater, it may be best to organize two different tackle boxes this way you do not have to carry all your gear with you on a fishing trip.

The best time to organize your tackle box or bag is on a rainy day or a day you know you are not able to get out on the water. You should do it in a large room with lots of light so that you can see the color of your soft plastic lures well and be able to organize them for color if you want. With this newly organized tackle box or bag you can spend more time on the water and less time untangling the gear you need to fish with.