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New Patterns

Hello fishermen!

Keep your eyes on our Fishing Store because we will be coming out with some new patterns and colors for the Reel Keel Fishing Lure to suit your every fishing need.

These new patterns include: the Hookback Series, The Spotted Series and the Black Scale Series. Our new colors will include Chartreuse: our florescent yellow and lime green model. We have reworked our Cherry White Lure color and instead of a pink top, it is now a nice bright red for any fishermen who like the red and white combo.

If you really love using red and white, one of our Hookback Series lures is pure white with a red hook pattern which is sure to catch the attention of any fish. Speaking of our Hookback Series, we are also including a Glow-in-the-Dark model that is pure white with a black hook pattern.

All our lures come with a treble Eagle Claw hook and a double nickel plated brass blade so you can use it for anything: weedless fishing, salt water fishing, freshwater fishing and catching any species of fish.

Stayed tuned and good fishing!