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Monster fish do exist

We have all had those days out on the water when you’re thinking it’s just about time to pull in your line, put away your gear and head back home empty handed. Then out of the blue, WHAM! You get that one bite and you suddenly think you have got a monster at the end of your line.

I’m sure that is what Stefan Seuss, Uli Schuppler and Patrick Nimz thought when they hooked a monster 218 pound, over seven feet long Wels catfish on the River Po in Italy. The men snagged it while on the bank and were forced to hop into a motorless dingy only to be dragged for a mile until the fish gave up and they brought it to shore. After catching the monster fish on film they released it back into the water.

We’ve seen some huge fish caught on our lure but nothing like this massive catfish. The original article can be seen here (thanks to The Sun – UK Edition) if you want to check out a picture of this enormous fish.

So fishermen, what’s the biggest trophey fish you’ve caught?

Ultimate Catch

The Reel Keel fishing lure has attracted the attention of Captain Eric Ciocher from the Florida coast. With 30 years of fishing experience in both salt and fresh water, Captain Eric has tested out the Reel Keel and filmed it in action for his show Ultimate Catch.

He took the lure out twice, once to film with bass and once for redfish. The bass show will be airing tonight at 6PM on the Sportsman’s Channel and replaying again in May. The show featuring the Reel Keel with some Redfish action will be aired shortly, we’ll keep you posted once we get the scheduling.

For more information about Captain Eric or Ultimate Catch check out the links below:
My Outdoor TV – Ultimate Catch
Ultimate Catch Website

As always, stay tuned for more exciting news about the Reel Keel fishing lures. Tight lines and good fishing!

2012 Fishing Season

redwhiteHello Fishermen! We at KIKO Fishing Inc. are starting the 2012 fishing season with a new look.

The 2012 Spring collection of colors boasts a sparkling shine and a new, tougher, glossier finish. The new finish and colors give the Reel Keel a “wet fish skin” look that will trick those big game fish every time. This adds to the flash of the keel which is sure to attract trophy fish in any kind of water.

orangeyellowtigerAlong with our new sparkling colors (in both a solid series and a striped series) we have added a new fluorescent series which boasts bright pink, yellow, orange and green lures with a tiger striped pattern. We have also added the classic red and white pattern to our Reel Keel line-up.

We have also introduced a new size to our line up: the 300 Series 3-inch Reel Keel. This smaller cousin of the 4-inch Reel Keel will help diversify your tackle box and provide for all your fishing needs. Both lures come with a treble Mustand Hook with a Duralock snap included in the package for easy hook-up and use. All our Keel blades are brass double nickel plated so they work in both saltwater and freshwater.

To see our colors and our new size, check out our fishing store by clicking here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Dealer’s Page to see where you can buy the Reel Keel locally. Don’t forget to check out our video page to see the amazing action of the Reel Keel.

Tight lines and Good Fishing!