Fishing is a Way of Life

There is something about watching the sun come up while you’re out on the water waiting for a bite on your line. It is the silence before the big one bites and the anticipation of the fight to reel in your next trophy fish. For some (like us) fishing is more than just a hobby. It’s a full time job and it’s a way of life.

Fishing can be done by everyone no matter what their age, where they live, how much money they have or anything else. Anyone can become a professional with enough practice, the right equipment and enough experience. Fishing is about the enjoyment you get out of beating your personal best. It’s about trudging through rainy, cold days and getting covered in mud to find the perfect lake at the end of the path. It’s all about the fish and the excitement.

Not every day is a good day on the lake and not every moment of fishing is exciting. There are days when you’re doing nothing but sitting in your boat (or at the edge of the dock) and nothing is biting no matter what the fish finder says, what lure or what color you use. Even if you know there should be fish where you’re casting you’re just not getting anything. Trust me we’ve had plenty of those days.

But it’s days like those when you have to tell yourself that no matter how bad the fishing is that it’s better than doing anything else. For us it’s about being out there and waiting like a patient hunter for that trophy fish. It’s about watching that monster bass leaping out the water and the struggle to get him in the boat to take that picture. The few minutes of success and excitement are worth the potential hours of waiting.

Those bad days make us stronger fishermen and give us better experience but they can still wear you down. When you’re having a bad day on the water what keeps you going? Why do you fish? What makes you get up before dawn or stay out past midnight when other people are heading home and giving up? Why is fishing your passion?

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