Hard or Soft?

There is a choice fisher’s have to make when buying a new tackle kit. Should you buy the traditional hard tackle box or the soft tackle bag? No matter what you chose to buy, buying a box or bag larger than the one you have is a good investment because you know as time goes on your lures will grow in number.
Hard Tackle Boxes
These are the traditional tackle boxes most fisher’s use, they bring back childhood memories of going fishing with your parents and caring a big metal box full of brightly colored lures. The basic design has changed a bit over the past few years to make refinements so tackle boxes can be even more useful and compete better in the market.
These tackle boxes offer solid and sturdy design. Hard plastic with a resin coating will resist cracking and can be handled roughly, so there is no need to worry if they accidently get dropped.
Some models will have fold out trays on the inside allowing the user to store gear in different compartments. There trays should be classed as worm-proof (most are) this way your plastic worm baits will not melt. Other models will have adjustable and removable utility boxes for customizing your lures into different compartments. Both work well but it is up to you which you will choose.
Another great feature of these boxes is the top-loading compartments. These compartments allow the storage of larger items in an easily accessible place, saving time and effort when you are trying to find a spool or larger item. Some models will come with jig and spinner bait racks. These plastic racks will allow you to store jig and spinner baits easily and keep them tangle-free.
When buying a tackle box there are some things you should keep in mind. Make sure it has strong sturdy handles, secure latches and roomy compartments that will allow you to store over-sized lures. If it has a deep base it will be able to hold a variety of gear.
A downside to a hard tackle box is its weight. Because of the material they are made of they are much heavier then the soft tackle bags. This added weight does increase protection for all you gear though so sometimes the extra weight is a good thing.
Soft Tackle Bags
These are starting to take the fishing world by storm because they provide an innovative way to store your gear. Soft tackle bags are light weight, with water proof shells that can hold many utility bags to store your lures. If the dimensions are right, the utility bags can number anywhere from two to six or more.
The main feature of these tackle bags is their utility bags. These utility bags make the tackle bag more convenient if you organize and store your lures properly. You will not have to take all your gear with you on a fishing trip if you make good use of these utility bags. This can take away on weight and you can find the lure you are looking for with ease.
Another great perk is the storage pockets. These can hold an enormous amount of equipment; anything from lures to spools to flashlights and even cameras. A fisher can never have enough storage pockets and these tackle bags provide a large amount of them in all different shapes and sizes. Another interesting feature to tackle bags are the padded shoulder straps which makes carrying them a lot more comfortable.
When buying a tackle bag, inspect it to make sure there is strong secure stitching that may be reinforced for extra toughness. Make sure all the straps and handles are strong and sturdy, the last thing you need is your tackle bag falling apart. A waterproof bag is a must and make sure it is made from a strong fabric so you can avoid it getting punctured.
One of the negatives with tackle bags is the fact that they will not provide as much toughness as tackle boxes. They are not built to be banged around or handled roughly and may not last as long as a tackle box.
No matter which you chose, make sure the box or bag is strong, sturdy and secure. How and where you fish will determine which is best for you.

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