It’s a blast

Ever thought of combining explosives with fishing?
Well apparently someone did. During the Second World War, GI’s in the South Pacific used hand grenades otherwise known as the soldier’s fishhook to catch fish. They would throw the grenade into a likely spot in the coral, wait for the blast and soon fished bellied up all over.
The Japanese government put Palauans to work to feed Japan’s troops during the Second World War. There were many more troops then Palauans and since the Palauans canoes and fishing boats had been destroyed for safety reasons they created fish bombs. These bombs were created by filling a beer bottle 2/3 of the way full with gunpowder then creating a fuse made of match head shavings tampered into a thin bamboo rod. The bamboo was stuck into the gun powder and sealed with mud. They would adjust the length of the bamboo rod so they could ‘fish’ at greater depths.
Even though this may sound like fun to do, it is not recommended at all. Since blast fishing kills all the fish in the area of the blast there is no way to practice sustainable fishing or to ensure that fish will be there for the next generations. It can also endanger a fish’s habitat and kill much more fish than you actually want.
Not to mention that it really takes all the sport out of sport fishing. It is fairly obvious as to why this technique tampered out of sport fishing. It is not very challenging but it is not very useful or productive.

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