Tackling the Tackle box Choices

A fisherman’s tackle box is like his or her office. You need to be able to get to all your tools quickly and easily in order to do your job successfully. Having an organized tackle box helps to get the job done. There are a lot of advantages to having an organized tackle box, here are a few:
1) Organizing your tackle box to suit what condition you are fishing in may make or break your fishing trip. If you are a fisher who changes location every time you go out it may be best to have a tackle box for freshwater and for saltwater fish.
2) If you have organized your tackle box right you will not have tangled lures. This means you will have more time for fishing and spend less time untangling your lures.
3) Being able to exchange your lures quickly goes hand in hand with an organized tackle box. Keeping your lures organized according to size, type of fish or however else you want will let you spend more time enjoying the trip and less time finding the right lure.
It is great to have a tackle box organized but if you do not have the right type of tackle box or a reliable tackle box then the organization falls short. There are a few things you have to keep in mind when buying a new tackle box. Remember as with most things, you get what you paid for.
Durability: Fishing is not a sissy’s sport, so why carry around a sissy tackle box? Get a tackle box made of a strong plastic or a rust-proof metal this way your nicely organized tackle box will not fall apart on you. If you opt for a tackle bag, make sure it is made from a strong water-proof fabric so that it cannot be punctured and will not fall apart. Make sure that the stitching in the bag is sturdy and reinforced.
Waterproof and watertight: A waterproof tackle box or tackle bag is great, even better if your box or bag is watertight. If water seeps into cracks and is left for awhile it could cause mold to grow all over your gear. If you cannot find a watertight box or bag, make sure that it comes with removable parts so you can dry your gear and let water escape if it does seep into cracks.
Size: If you are a shore fisher or a tournament fisher it is better to have a lighter tackle box since you would be carrying it around. If it is lighter, it means it will have less equipment, giving you faster access to lures and other gear. If you normally fish on a boat and store your tackle box on your boat, you can allow yourself a bit more weight and a bigger box or bag.
Space: Make sure you always have extra room in you tackle box or bag for extra lures, a pair of pliers or even a flashlight.
Whether or not you chose a bag or a box, organization is ideal to your success in the water. The more time you spend with your line in the water the more of a chance you will get to actually fish.

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