The New Patterns are here!

Hello fishermen!

Our new patterns and colors are here! Check out our revised fishing store to see our new three new patterns: the Hookback Series, the Spotted Series and the Black Scale Series. Our new color is Chartreuse: lime green and yellow (#14 and #33). Our Cherry White Lure (#23) has been reworked so instead of a pink top, they now have a red top.

One of our new Hookback Series lures is a white body with a red hook pattern (#20) for everyone who loves red and white. Also, one of our new Hookbacks is a GLOW (#17) in the dark lure. All our lures are four inches in length with a treble Eagle Claw hook and a double nickel plated brass keel. You can use it for anything: weed-less fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and all species.

Stay tuned for even more patterns coming out, an upcoming fishing page about salmon and a special page about the unique fishing mathematics that spawned the Reel Keel.

Good Fishin’!

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