What’s in a lure

You can’t catch fish if you don’t have the right equipment.

With all the lures, rods, reels, line and everything else on the market it’s hard to know what equipment is the best for you. No matter what the best fishing lure is one that takes the thinking out of fishing. It’s one you can hook-up to the end of your line and cast without worrying about anything but where the fish are. It’s a lure that responds no matter what the situation or the fish.

Your lure is what connects you to your big catch so it has to have good action. It can’t be dead in the water or it won’t attract anything. The best action is one that has a side-to-side wiggle like an injured baitfish because this is the action that makes the fish attack. Fish don’t vibrate or spin so neither should your lure.

The color of your lure depends on whether or not you believe color has anything to do with catching fish. The best natural baitfish colors are colors are silver, gold, bronze, green and maybe yellow. Other colors will depend on what the fish can see. No one knows if fish actually see color or not but they will see a shadow. So the color that gives the best contrast and shadow in the water will be the best color to use. But it depends on the water clarity and what the fish seem to be attracted to so color is a personal choice.

We all have our favorite lures depending on what we’re fishing or when. Some make it to favorite status because it’s the lure that the most fish have attacked. Others might be a favorite because there’s a story behind them: you got them from a father or grandfather or it’s the lure that you caught your first fish on.

So, what do you look for in a lure? Is it all about action or color? Why do you prefer the lures you use most often? Is there a story behind your favorite lure?

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