Mackerel are highly harvested and prized for their meat. Their meat is often oily and spoils quickly so it must be eaten the same day it is caught. Mackerel are also strong fighters and are an important part of commercial and recreational fishing.

Mackerel are a slender fish, usually 12 to 22 inches long with a deeply forked tail and two widely spaced fins in the back. It has a silvery body with a blue-green back marked with wavy dark blue bars. They have numerous finlets on the dorsal and ventral sides behind the anal fins and their scales are very small, if present at all. Atlantic Mackerel weight about one to four pounds.

Mackerel swim near the surface in schools that are sometimes 20 miles long. Their diets consist of shellfish larvae, worms, fish eggs, and small fish. When spring comes, they migrate to the shores to spawn where the females can lay up to 400,000 eggs. In the fall, mackerel move out to sea and into deeper waters.

What does The Keel SystemTM do?

  • Action mimics a distressed or injured bait fish.
  • Erratic movement makes it easier for mackerel to spot its prey.
  • Added flash off Reel Keelâ„¢ for better visibility.
  • Will not spin even in the choppy water that mackerel love.

Mackerel and The Keel Difference


Mackerel will go for anything you throw at them as long as it is bright and shiny. Mackerel assume that something shining on the surface is food and will go after it without hesitation, unlike some other fish which require some kind of bait. They will often move long distances and almost to shore just to take a lure.

The Keel Difference - Bait

The Reel Keel is perfect to attract mackerel. With the built in keel and the white belly, it creates a natural flash which mackerel love. The Reel Keel also swims like a reel fish which will also attract mackerel no matter how far down on the bottom they are swimming.


Mackerel like to stay on structure by walls and cliffs. The only way to get to them is to cast far and reel in slow while jigging to give your bait the look of an injured baitfish. Mackerel will jump at the chance of food, only if they can see it.

The Keel Difference - Casting

The Reel Keel is the perfect casting lure. It is shaped similar to a bullet and casts effortlessly and perfectly every time. It may feel heavy in your hand but once it is on your rod and being cast out, it is virtually weightless. There is no jigging required here since the Reel Keel all ready mimics an injured baitfish.


Our Recommended Mackerel Fishing Lures:

These are what our Pro Fishermen recommend for mackerel. You may find other colors that work for you in your particular location. The lures listed below are the #400 SERIES ONLY. For our full color listing and #300 Series, head over to our Fishing Store.

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Black Headband Mackerel Fishing LureBlack Headband Mackerel Fishing Lure
HBRK401 Black on Silver
Black Mackerel Fishing LureBlack Mackerel Fishing Lure
SRK418 Black
Black on Silver Mackerel Fishing LureBlack on Silver Mackerel Fishing Lure
SRK417 Black Stripe on Silver
Gold Headband Mackerel Fishing LureGold Headband Mackerel Fishing Lure
HBRK405 Gold on Silver
Gold Mackerel Fishing LureGold Mackerel Fishing Lure
SRK422 Black on Gold
Red Headband Mackerel Fishing LureRed Headband Mackerel Fishing Lure
HBRK403 Red on Silver
Red Mackerel Fishing LureRed Mackerel Fishing Lure
SRK420 Black on Red

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