The Pike

These super aggressive predators are powerful fighters that can test even the most skilled fishermen and anglers, and are considered to be the ultimate gamefish. Their fearsome reputation comes from their powerful, long bodies and huge head full of razor sharp teeth. Pike are so aggressive it is common to find them striking at a bass or walleye that is already hooked.

Pikes have greenish sides with rows of oval light colored spots. Their tails are normally rounded with dark spots and are sometimes called jacks, pickerel or snakes.

Pike will rarely live longer than six years in warmer lakes and streams but in colder waters pike have a longer life span and can live up to 25 years. Pike grow very slowly, a 20 year old pike is likely to weight 20 pounds, where other fish of the same age, weigh much more.

What does The Keel SystemTM do?

  • Action mimics a distressed or injured bait fish.
  • Erratic movement makes it easier for Pike to spot its prey.
  • Added flash off Reel Keel™ for better visibility.
  • Will not spin even in the choppy water that Pike love.

The Pike and The Keel Difference


Pike primarily eat other fish but have been known to eat frogs, mice, ducklings and even muskrats. If you are worried about size of the lure, do not worry. They normally take in fish cylindrical in shape and about half their body size. The pike family all have long sharp teeth with an edge as sharp as a razor that can easily cut through your line. They do not lose their teeth in the summer as some people believe but their teeth will break off only to be replaced by new ones quickly.

The Keel Difference - Prey

The contrast of the white belly to the color of the fishing lure makes this both a good catch for pike in either low or bright lighting. The rolling action of the lure from side to side will allow the pike to see the movement of the prey lure above it. If low lighting, the white belly and the added flash off the keel will catch the attention of the pike. In brighter lighting, the shadow from the contrasting color of the lure will make it visible to the pike. The kicking tail movement and rolling action also mimic the action of a wounded minnow which triggers the pike to strike at its weak opponent.


Pike are considered cool water fish and usually prefer water in the mid 60s to low 70s. But once pike reach a length of 30 inches or more, they will want to be in waters between 50 and 55ºF. Pike start spawning soon after the ice-out once water reaches about 40ºF. The females start by scattering their eggs into dense vegetation located in shallow marshes or bays.

The Keel Difference - Temperature

Because the Reel Keel™ comes in different diving and suspending depths, even pike that are swimming in deep water will be easy to catch, without a fish finder. You will be able to catch top pike even on hot days with The Reel Keel™- The Best Fishing Lures On the Planet.


Our Recommended Pike Fishing Lures:

These are what our Pro Fishermen recommend for pike. You may find other colors that work for you in your particular location. The lures listed below are the #400 SERIES ONLY. For our full color listing and #300 Series, head over to our Fishing Store.

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Gold Headband Pike Fishing LureGold Headband Pike Fishing Lure
HBRK405 Gold on Silver
Gold Pike Fishing LureGold Pike Fishing Lure
SRK422 Black on Gold
Green Headband Pike Fishing LureGreen Headband Pike Fishing Lure
HBRK402 Green on Silver
Orange Headband Pike Fishing LureOrange Headband Pike Fishing Lure
HBRK404 Orange on Silver

Orange Pike Fishing LureOrange Pike Fishing Lure
SRK421 Black on Orange

Red Headband Pike Fishing LureRed Headband Pike Fishing Lure
HBRK403 Red on Silver

Red Pike Fishing LureRed Pike Fishing Lure
SRK420 Black on Red

Black Headband Pike Fishing LureBlack Headband Pike Fishing Lure
HBRK401 Black on Silver

Black Stripe Pike Fishing LureBlack Stripe Pike Fishing Lure
SRK417 Black Stripe on Silver


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