Red fish are also known as Red Drum, Channel Bass, Spottail Bass or reds. The most distinguishing marking is a large black spot on the upper part of their tail base. Often times, they can have several spots and very rarely do they have no spots. Redfish can sometimes have multiple spots and as they grow older, these excess spots will disappear. This spot is used to trick predator fish into thinking the redfish’s tail is actually its head.

Redfish can be found along coastal waters from Massachusetts to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Northern Mexico. They can live up to 60 years if not caught and at three are usually about six to eight pounds. The largest recorded redfish weighted 110 pounds.

Spawning season is mid-August to mid-October and they spawn along shorelines. Young redfish live in bays and coastal marshes until they are between three and six years old. They will accept any bait but prefer Menhaden, Shrimp, Mud Minnows and crabs. They are classed as a bottom feeder and are commonly caught on suspended bait a few feet from the bottom or on the bottom.

What does The Keel SystemTM do?

  • Lures action mimics a distressed or injured bait fish, enticing redfish.
  • Erratic, unpredictable movement ensures easier redfish approach.
  • Added flash off Keel for better underwater visibility.
  • Highlights Anglers ability with fishing techniques to reel in big catches.
  • Lures perform to catch top redfish when fisherman don't.
  • Our new fishing lures will not spin or rotate even in choppy water that redfish love.

Redfish- The Reel Keel™ Fishing Lure Difference & Advantage

Redfish Fishing

Adult drums will grab the bait then take off with gusto and can put a strong fight. If your rod isn’t secure it can easily be pulled off the boat. Landing redfish on lighter tackle can be a problem especially since redfish are primarily bottom feeders. Redfish are frequently caught with anything from 8-lb mono filament to 100-lb braided lines with heavy steel leaders.

The Keel Difference - Fishing

With the Reel Keel, adding weights to your line is not needed. By simply increasing the amount of line you put out and lowering your rod-tip, the Reel Keel will dive to the bottom. The unique swimming action will be the exact same on the bottom as it is on the top.

Dirty Waters for Tarpon

Redfish are mostly found over sand and sandy muddy bottoms. This means that the water they inhabit is usually stained or dirty. Movement is also ideal when looking for redfish, they enjoy being in waters with a bit of tidal movement.

The Keel Difference- Dirty Water

The Reel Keel’s action is not hindered by tidal movements; the lure will still act like an injured baitfish. Not only that but where other lures might become invisible in stained waters, the Reel Keel has its patented Keel which creates an added flash even with minimal light. This flash off the white belly makes the Keel visible even in stained and dirty waters where redfish hunt.


Our Recommended Lures for Redfish:

These are what our Pro Fishermen recommend for Redfish. You may find other colors that work for you in your particular location. The lures listed below are the #400 SERIES ONLY. For our full color listing and #300 Series, head over to our Fishing Store.

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Black Headband Redfish Fishing LureBlack Headband Redfish Fishing Lure
HBRK401 Black on Silver
Black Redfish Fishing LureBlack Redfish Fishing Lure
SRK418 Black
Black Stripe Redfish Fishing LureBlack Stripe Fishing Lure
SRK417 Black Stripe on Silver
Gold headband Redfishing Fishing LureGold headband Redfish Fishing Lure
HBRK405 Gold on Silver
Gold Solid Redfish Fishing LureGold Redfish Fishing Lure
SRK422 Black on Gold
Green Headband Redfishing Fishing LureGreen Headband Redfishing Fishing Lure
HBRK402 Green on Silver
Green Redfishing Fishing LureGreen Redfish Fishing Lure
SRK419 Black on Green
Orange Headband Redfish Fishing LureOrange Headband Redfish Fishing Lure
HBRK404 Orange on Silver
Orange Redfishing Fishing LureOrange Redfishing Fishing Lure
SRK421 Black on Orange
Pearl Bone White Redfishing Fishing LurePearl Redfishing Fishing Lure
SRK424 Pearl Bone White

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