HBFRK310 White on Pink Fluorescent HEADBAND (3 inch)


Sparkling shine and finish for a Wet fish skin look

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The Reel Keel™ is hand-crafted in Canada with parts from America to make it a North American made product. The Reel Keel™ is distributed worldwide into fishermen’s tackle boxes to be cast into lakes, rivers, oceans, and streams. It’s the best fishing lure for bass, pike, salmon, muskie, and any other fish. It’s truly an all species fishing lure.

These uniquely hand-crafted top fishing lures are designed to perform, manoeuvre realistically similar to a live bait fish because they have a hard body with life-like swimming action, durability and versatility. Here’s what makes the Reel Keel™ so unique:

  • Fishing Lure stays upright and prevents it from spinning
  • Rolls side to side like a live bait fish.
  • Tail end kicks back and forth like a real fish.
  • Behavior mimics a live bait fish in its natural habitat.
  • The Keel provides enhanced flash on white belly making it more visible to a predator fish.
  • The Keel provides lure stabilization to stay upright in the water and act like a bait fish.
  • It dives and swims to multiple levels and you can control the depth by moving your rod tip.
  • It’s the only lure that will “Walk the Dog” underwater.

In their tackle boxes, attached to their fishing line, fishermen are impressed by the Reel Keel’s™ ability to cast from their fishing rods and reel in these prize fish from waterways:

The Reel Keel™ isn’t just a fishing lure; it’s an entirely new way to fish. Whether you have a cheap rod, poor bass fishing techniques, a used fishing boat, or a cheap fishing reel, The Reel Keel™ fishing lure makes catching that trophy fish easy and fun.

Anglers don’t call The Reel Keel™ fishing lures the ‘Best fishing lures on the planet’ for nothing. You don’t need fish finders, unnatural lure feathers, fishing tips or tricks, just cast the lure out there and reel in the big one.

If you are entering a local fishing tournament, creek fishing, deep sea fishing, or are simply river fishing, keep a Reel Keel™ fishing lure handy to tackle your best fishing opportunities during the season for all fish species, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, trout, muskie, pike, walleye, and everything in between. You may find the Reel Keel™ fishing lure to be the top accessory in your fishing tackle box, trout fishing supplies, or a compliment to your fly fishing gear.

For more technical information on what makes the lure work, stop by our Using – Keel System page for more information on what the Reel Keel can do for you.

Don’t wait for your friends to out-fish you. Stop by our online store to start the fishing experience of a life-time. Use our contact page for all your questions, comments, additional information or dealer inquires.

Remember always boat and fish safely with a license, and bait your fishing rod’s line with one of the top all species fishing lures in the world: The Reel Keel™!


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