Speckled Trout

Speckled trout are also known as spotted seatrout, specks and spotted weakfish and are most commonly found in the Southern United States. It is an extremely popular fish because of its good eating and willingness to hit natural and artificial baits. Most speckled trout are caught on shallow, grassy flats. They can reside in virtually any inshore water from the surf of the outsides of the island to far up the coastal rivers.

Speckled trout is not an actual member of the trout family and it is first cousins with redfish, black drum and sand seatrout. They have large prominent canine teeth with silvery or gray sides and a dark back. Speckled trout are marked with scattered black spots of varying sizes with spots also on the tail fins and dorsal fins. The average size of speckled trout is about 1-2 pounds. More commonly they can grow up to five pounds with anything over eight pounds being rare.

Speckled trout eat small crustaceans, shrimp, small fish and larger fish like mullet if they are larger. Speckled trout are very common for recreational fishing in the waters they live in and commercial fishing still occurs. Their population has declined because of the destruction of its habitat but stays relatively maintained because of their long spawning season.

What does The Keel SystemTM do?

  • Action mimics a distressed or injured bait fish.
  • Erratic movement makes it easier for Speckled trout to spot its prey.
  • Added flash off Reel Keelâ„¢ for better visibility.
  • Will not spin even in the choppy water that Speckled Trout love.

Speckled Trout and The Keel Difference


When fishing trout for trout you need a sturdy fishing lure so it can last in the saltwater since this is where speckled trout swim. Light to medium rods and reel combinations can be used since speckled trout do not get too large. The best way to catch them is to stimulate live action and varying the retrieve and depth of the bait.

The Keel Difference - Bait

The Reel Keel is built with saltwater fishermen in mind. The blade is double nickel plated brass and can withstand salt waters without getting rusty or worn. Live action is built right in since the Reel Keel will automatically Walk the Dog no matter what speed you pull it at. Depth is also no problem for the Reel Keel, you can sink it down deep by pointing your rod tip down and letting out more line.

Night Fishing

Speckled trout become more active at night, especially the bigger fish. There is less boat traffic at night and less pressure so speckled trout are more active. Also, they are sensitive to changes in water temperature and will not feed it the water is too warm. Once the water cools down at night, speckled trout will begin to feed.

The Keel Difference - Night Fishing

Fishing at night means having a lure the fish can see. Coming soon will be the perfect lure for speckled trout night fishing: the Reel Keel GLOW model. It will still produce the same injured baitfish action that speckled trout will love and they will be able to see it perfectly underwater at night.


Our Recommended Speckled Trout Fishing Lures:

These are what our Pro Fishermen recommend for speckled trout. You may find other colors that work for you in your particular location. The lures listed below are the #400 SERIES ONLY. For our full color listing and #300 Series, head over to our Fishing Store.

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Gold Headband Speckled Trout Fishing LureGold Headband Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
HBRK405 Gold on Silver
Gold Speckled Trout Fishing LureGold Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
SRK422 Black on Gold
Silver Black Stripe Speckled Trout Fishing LureSilver Black Stripe Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
SRK417 Black Stripe on Silver
Black Headband Speckled Trout Fishing LureBlack Headband Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
HBRK401 Black on Silver
Green Headband Speckled Trout Fishing LureGreen Headband Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
HBRK402 Green on Silver
Green Speckled Trout Fishing LureGreen Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
SRK419 Black on Green
White on Pink Headband Speckled Trout Fishing LureWhite on Pink Headband Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
HBRK401 Black on Silver
Pink Tiger Speckled Trout Fishing LurePink Tiger Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
TFRK437 Fluorescent Pink
Red Headband Speckled Trout Fishing LureRed Headband Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
HBRK403 Red on Silver
Red Speckled Trout Fishing LureRed Speckled Trout Fishing Lure
SRK420 Black on Red

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